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All in One Dynamic Web Application
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Stop Switching Gears

Multi-tasking reduces your productivity by a whopping 40%! Clear out distractions, reduce stress and get focussed with the Lapdes single-tasking project tool.

Maximize Productivity

Get creative, make quick decisions, communicate in real time and work at full efficiency from a single powerful platform that can reduce errors up to 50%!

Call the Shots

It’s your own safe and secure space in the cloud offering remote access and top-class security. No software. No downloads. Just a simple one-tab wonder!

Document Management

Come Experience the Lapdes Work-style!

Are your workflows chaotic and disorganized? Is your team juggling multiple applications and online collaboration tools just to get work done? Stop. The Lapdes project management software is a tremendously powerful collaboration suite of modules that are guaranteed to boost team productivity, enhance time management and foster team interaction. It’s the only solution that leads to an empowered work-style that is geared for growth.

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Social Media App

Your Favorite Web Apps in One Package

A regular workday may involve creating files and spreadsheets, interacting with colleagues and clients, accessing important information, prioritizing tasks, scheduling events and lots more. To accomplish all that, you’ll need to log into multiple web apps but not anymore! Lapdes offers you a holistic all-in-one project management app that is a unique mix of several highly productive tools such as Document, Notes, Tasks, Social, Calendar, Wiki and RSS.

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Unrivaled Security, Privacy and Control

Lapdes online collaboration tools are specifically designed to make your day structured and less stressful. With a single login, you can gain access to the secure project web application instead of logging into multiple web apps. Whether it’s creating a wiki-page, scheduling a meeting or collaborating with other team members; you can do all that under the safety and privacy of your own Lapdes account.

Ideal for Anyone with a Passion for Productivity

Designed as a versatile, flexible and integrated project management system, Lapdes can be used by working professionals, freelancers, organizations, colleges, students and people from all walks of life. Its easy-to-use interface, clean design and simplicity ensure that it can even be used by those with limited technical experience. Further, it does not involve any project management software installation or downloads.